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Classic Connections is proud to offer select hunting packages from among the best in North America.

Paul Nelson Farms
So…you’re thinking about a pheasant hunt? Have we got a place for you! South Dakota is renowned as the pheasant hunting capital of the world. And Paul Nelson Farm, located just an hour from the state capital of Pierre, is the unrivaled jewel of hunting experiences. Paul Nelson Farm has caught the attention of those on Capitol Hill who come looking to get away, if only for a weekend. They specialize in home-style cooking. But that doesn’t mean ordinary. Everything out of their kitchen is ‘gotta-get-that-recipe’ good, from the leisurely morning fare of muffins and breakfast entrées to their after-supper pies and pastries. Of course there’ll be some of the best pheasant you’ll ever eat. But we also can’t let you forget this is South Dakota, home to cattle and cowboys. Our ranching roots won’t let you leave without tasting some of the most flavorful beef you’ll ever encounter. Steak, prime rib, buffalo, chops, and stews round out our showpiece meals. You’ll have the hunt of a lifetime and probably return with some stories and a few extra pounds to show for it.


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